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Heavy Metal Cleansing Detox

Heavy Metal Detox

Heavy metal exposure is a growing threat in our toxic modern society.

Harmful toxins such as lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic often go undetected as they silently build up inside the body over months and years, leading to chronic inflammation, brain fog, hormonal dysfunction and increased risk for serious illnesses down the road.

You can take charge of your wellness through routine gentle cleansing protocols using powerful botanicals that have been tried and tested over the ages.

Many of us likely have higher heavy metal load than we realize due to daily environmental pollutants that inevitably get inside the body by:

Polluted Air & Water: Toxic metals get absorbed through the lungs from breathing contaminated air. Drinking unfiltered tap water also allows consumption and accumulation over time. Common culprits here include mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic finding their way into soil, atmosphere and water supplies from industrial waste runoff.

Fish Consumption: Seafood picks up trace amounts of heavy metals like mercury in the ecology from things like coal plant emissions. Over years this bioaccumulates up the marine food chain to the fish harvested for human consumption.

Dental Fillings & Implants: The metallic mixture in amalgam dental fillings or metal fixtures leach low levels of toxins like mercury and nickel into your system over time.

Paint & Pipes: Old chipping paint and home piping systems contain lead, a dangerous developmental neurotoxin. These metal dust particles and water trace amounts take a major toll, especially on children's growing brains and bodies.

Some Cosmetics & Antiperspirants: Toxic preservatives like aluminum in deodorant, shampoo, skin creams and makeup is thought to increase risk for contamination through use and absorption into your tissues over time.

These common environmental exposures demonstrate how heavy metals silently enter our systems putting our long term health at risk from build up in organs, glands, nervous system and brain without us realizing it on a daily basis.

Here are some signs indicating you may need a heavy metal detox:-

Fatigue, brain fog, poor focus - Heavy metal toxins interfere with cellular processes and neurotransmitters leading to feelings of haziness, mood changes, and lackluster energy.

Digestive discomfort - Bowel issues like constipation, cramping, acid reflux can indicate the GI tract is struggling to keep up with eliminating toxins.

Skin issues - Rashes, eczema, acne, and dullness arise when waste and metals try to escape through the skin. Our skin is our third kidney!

Autoimmune disease diagnosis - The inflammation and immune system confusion instigated by poisons underlie development of Hashimoto’s disease, IBS, Lupus, etc.

Neurological symptoms - Numbness, tingling, weakness and balance issues happen as metals impact nerve cell communication and development.

Hormonal imbalances - Reproductive issues, thyroid dysfunction, adrenal fatigue from accumulated toxins throwing key chemical messengers like estrogen and cortisol off balance long term.

A Regular Heavy Metal Cleanse is an Essential Wellbeing Practice

Regular cleanses ensure any accumulated lead, mercury, cadmium or arsenic don't jeopardize your wellbeing long term. The benefits are immense, including:

  • Improved Energy Levels: Eliminating toxins lightens the load on your cells, fuels vital organs better and reduces inflammation causing fatigue or weakness.

  • Enhanced Mental Clarity: Removing heavy metals promotes optimal neurotransmitter function for concentration, mood stabilization and less brain fog.

  • Strengthened Immunity: Flushing poisons lets your disease fighting white blood cells operate properly to ward off colds, flu and illness.

  • Healthier Skin: Opening elimination channels gives skin relief from trying to push out toxins on its own which alleviates various issues like acne, rashes, eczema flares. Brings natural glow back!

  • Preventing Chronic Disease: Over years heavy metal exposure causes oxidative damage that underlying many common health conditions. Routinely cleansing is prevention!

  • Slowing Aging Process: Metals speed up cell degeneration through increased free radical production. Detoxing preserves DNA, tissue integrity and youthfulness.

All-Natural Heavy Metal Detox Solutions:

The safest way to flush toxins effectively is through incorporating nature’s cleansing plants like these into your cleansing routine:

  1. Milk Thistle - helps liver filter out embedded pollutants

  2. Chlorella - binds to metals for removal

  3. Spirulina - removes heavy metals and contains antioxidants

  4. Cilantro/Coriander Leaves- A natural “magnet” that pulls toxins from tissues.

  5. Dandelion - aids kidney function and urine flow

  6. Turmeric & Ginger - protects organs and boosts detox processes

  7. Natural Personal Care Products like shampoos, face wash and moisturisers that do not incorporate toxins, but rather provide your body with additional nourishment.

Enjoy these healing fruits and herbs by incorporating raw into your diet, preparing tea infusions, adding to smoothies, taking them in capsule form, or using in cleansing recipes.

Don’t wait until symptoms show up to address the toxic heavy metals build-up that have potential to create dysfunction and disease. Regular gentle detoxification gives your body the reboot and cellular revitalization it deserves! Elimination of mass corporately produced personal care products that you may be using that contain toxins that are slowly being absorbed into your precious body.

Prism Apothecary carries a range of handmade personal care products that are produced using only natural, organic, cold pressed ingredients.


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