The Castor Oil Plant - Nature's Miracle compound

When it comes to our health, we understand that we should try to reduce the amount of synthetic chemicals that we are exposed to, in all the forms that we can, including those found within the skin and body care products that we routinely use, as commercially marketed products manufactured and mass distributed by the global giants.

We live in a world saturated with untested, dangerous man-made toxins. Cancer, pregnancy complications, hormone disruption, asthma and other illnesses have all been linked to the toxic chemicals found in commercially produced household products. What’s worse is that many of these chemicals are not even listed on the product label, leaving you entirely in the dark about what you are spreading through your home and putting directly on yourself and your children!

Anything that is applied to the skin topically will become absorbed by it if the particles are small enough. Any particles that pass through the skin and into the body will then be transported to the circulatory system by the lymphatic system. It is therefore vital that we revert to the use of natural, organic, traditionally revered plant based products.

On this site, we intend to share knowledge assimilated from a number of reliable sources pertaining to the best natural ingredients and products available, to achieve overall optimum health.

From overall care to treatments of problematic areas, we at Prism Apothecary, will do our utmost to share effective remedies, backed up, where possible, by the latest scientific research.

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