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Regular use of Rosemary Hair Growth Elixir helps to stimulate hair follicles, making hair grow longer and stronger whilst slowing down premature hair loss and greying of hair. Application to the face and neck helps tone and moisturise the skin, encouraging a healthy, even glow.


ROSEMARY OIL FOR HAIR - Rosemary oil is proven to improve hair growth and make hair thicker whilst having clinical trial results showing it to be as effective as a widely used Minoxidil hair loss treatment.


ROSEMARY OIL FOR SKIN - Due to their anti-bacterial properties, Rosemary and Castor oil penetrate deeply to stimulate healing and leave your skin hydrated. It also improves circulation so may reduce the appearance of fine lines, under eye dark circles and puffiness.


GRAPESEED OIL makes your hair look shiny, soft, and moisturized.

✅ MADE IN THE UK - At Prism Apothecary, we blend well-being and personal care products with only 100% natural, organic, GMO free and cold pressed ingredients. Free of toxins and harmful chemicals.


Rosemary Essential Oil, Castor Oil & Grapeseed Oil


•Apply Rapid Growth Serum to scalp.
•Massage gently into scalp for 2-3 minutes.
•Cover head with a protective wrap.
•For best results, leave in overnight or for at least 6 hours.
•Use at least once a week.
•Wash out with shampoo. Rinse and repeat.

This product REALLY works. The new hair growth result is astounding.



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