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Rosemary to fight Dementia and Improve Memory

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Rosemary Memory Boost Balm
Rosemary Memory Boost Balm

A team of scientists has shown that sniffing Rosemary can increase the memory by 75%. This multi-purpose medicinal herb offers numerous health benefits and has been used throughout history to boost long-term memory and alertness.

A study conducted at the Northumbria University, Newcastle in 2003 found that smelling rosemary is related to “an enhancement of performance for overall quality of memory and secondary memory factors”. After ten years, these scientists scientifically explained the cognitive-boosting abilities of the herb. Namely, the experts followed twenty people as they performed subtraction exercises and visual information processing tasks and other tests. They assessed the mood of the participants before and after the exposure to the rosemary scent and took blood samples. The study involves 66 people altogether, and they were randomly assigned to either the rosemary-scented room or another room with no scent. The findings were amazing – as the rosemary smell significantly increased memory in the participants. Namely, people in the rosemary-scented room performed 60-75% better on remembering events to completing tasks, and also recalled things much better that the other participants.

Additionally, the blood samples showed that the blood of the participants exposed to the rosemary-scented room had detectable levels of 1,8-cineole, which is an active compound in rosemary. This means that this compound was absorbed into the bloodstream, and the higher the levels, the better the results were. This compound is present in rosemary but has not previously been demonstrated to be absorbed into blood plasma in humans. It is our view that the aroma, therefore, acts like a therapeutic drug, rather than any effects being a result of the more sensory properties of the aroma. The chemicals are also believed to have directly stimulated the olfactory nerve in the nose, which could have effects on brain functioning. ”Due to the Carnosic acid and Rosmarinic acid content, which fight free radical damage, prevent beta-amyloid-induced neurodegeneration in the hippocampus, inhibit the growth of cancer cells, and prevent Alzheimer’s, rosemary dramatically supports brain health.

How to Use Rosemary

To keep your brain sharp all the time, you can use a Rosemary Balm. Carry it on you and rub on the wrists and behind the ears, as required. Before exams, interviews or more regularly for Alzheimer and Dementia sufferers.

You can add a few drops of high-quality organic essential oil to a diffuser. You can also place the plant by your desk in the office or elsewhere in the home.


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